About Us

Why Jones Group Construction/Janitorial Service.


Hiring the right contractor is the most important step once you've decided to remodel your home. When you choose Jones Group Construction/Janitorial Services, you get years of experience and full-service work with an established team so you don't have to be concerned about hiring multiple companies or dealing with subcontractors.

Commercial And Residential Remodeling Company.


Remodeling projects are a Big Deal. At Jones Group Construction/Janitorial services, we are driven by passion. Creating beautiful kitchens and bathrooms for our clients is what we do. Traditional or modern, a little face-lift or all the bells and whistles, we've got you covered for any commercial or residential remodeling project you desire!

Remodeling Brings Value


Did you know? when you remodel your kitchen or bathroom that buyers can be sold on a great upgrade due to the remodeling project for your residential or commercial property.  Not only will a well remodeled residential or commercial property attract buyers, it will also increase the property value as much as 30% in value should you choose to sell!


Commercial And Residential Cleaning.

We've mastered the art of cleaning, commercial, multi-family units and residential. We provide high quality  reliable janitorial service for our clients. Does your facility service provider outsource your properties? 

Jones Group can assure you that your property is handled with quality screening and training.  

Residential Cleaning.

Kitchen, Bedroom, Bathroom, Living room, Dining room, Family room, and Home Office. Available upon request are Stove and Refrigerator cleaning inside  and out. Window washing/outside window sills cleaned, wall washing, ceiling fans and polishing of wood panels.

Commercial Cleaning.

General: Spot clean entrance glass, wipe/dust open areas, empty trash bins, clean/sanitize drinking fountains, clean kitchen sinks, counters and spot clean exterior kitchen appliances.  Ask about our full treatment.

Restrooms: clean and sanitize toilets/urinals, sinks/polish chrome, and re-stock supplies, clean glass and mirrors. Ask about our full service.